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You Need an 800lb Gorilla in Your Corner

Say hello to your powerhouse marketing team. Our senior-level A-players deploy the latest marketing techniques and strategies to create more traffic, awareness, leads and conversions. We specialize working with companies who have competitors with unlimited resources and budget. Let us be your 800lb gorilla and help you crush the competition.

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abused and/or homeless dogs through the SOI dog foundation.

Is your marketing funnel maximizing revenue and conversions? Learn the single biggest mistake companies make in their marketing funnel and how to fix it.

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About Us

We are fractional CMOs and inbound marketers that specialize in developing marketing funnels for more traffic, higher quality leads and more sales. Our fractional CMOs create funnel strategies and our senior inbound marketers will implement those strategies.

What sets us apart from other marketing agencies is our team of A-players. Each team member goes through a rigorous 4-step interview process and are highly trained on the latest marketing techniques. They are the 1 percenters who are passionate about what they do and have proven experience to back up their incredible skill sets.

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get more leads
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The Team

lisa fractional cmo


Fractional CMO

Lisa is dedicated to helping companies develop highly focused targeted marketing strategies.  She has 18 years of marketing experience, a Master’s degree in Marketing, Social Media Graduate Certificate and is Google Analytics and AdWords Certified.  She also teaches college-level marketing classes in her spare time.

rachael wachstein


Fractional CMO

Rachael has 10+ years of experience in digital marketing and advertising at agencies including Leo Burnett and Fishman PR. Her passion for storytelling and big ideas are evident in the creative strategies she’s developed for brands including restaurants, professional services, technology, education, franchising, consumer goods, health and beauty and more. A self-described marketing geek, she’s always up for the challenge of helping clients solve problems and exceed their goals.

Hugh Waters Digital Marketing


Inbound Specialist

With the eye of an artist and the drive of an entrepreneur, Hugh gets deep into the “heart and soul” of a company. Hugh is a technician and master level strategist in online marketing and e-commerce. Able to tame any publishing, analytics or ad serving platform, Hugh fashions and molds the clients’ wants, wishes, and desires into a tangible and quantifiable reality.

best agency designer


Ben has led creative teams and mentored designers in a range of media projects within a number of different agencies and corporations. His creative projects have helped organizations communicate more successfully, sell more products, and raise more awareness of their brands and mission.
Casey inbound marketing


Inbound Specialist

Casey is a seasoned multi-channel marketer focused on omnichannel strategy development and consumer journey mapping. She specializes in data analytics and insight generation as well as data visualization, which is a crucial part of understanding return for many clients. Casey holds a Master’s Degree in International Business and has experience working to build global brands marketing and communication strategies in both Europe and the US.


Fractional CMO

Demetrios has 10 years of corporate brand and agency-side experience in Media and Performance Marketing.

He’s helped develop the strategy and tactical execution for new product launches, brand repositioning’s, demand generation and direct response campaigns for brands in Retail, CPG, Auto and Travel/Hospitality verticals.

As a digital marketer at the core, he challenges himself to be on the forefront of the industry while concentrating on deepening relationships across practice areas and geographies.

“The team at 800lb Marketing truly love what they do. They are fast, accurate and responsive.”

Jolyn De Boer, Executive Director, Tennis Industry Association

“For the same price of hiring one person in-house, I am a getting a team of senior marketers that constantly innovate and explore revenue opportunities. I highly recommend the team at 800lb Marketing.”

Aeneas Janze, Founder, Epic Wipes

“The team at 800lb Marketing is responsive, professional and great at what they do.”

Eric Theis, Founder, 911 Foster Pets

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