Why 800lb Marketing?

800lb Marketing is the apex predator of the Facebook and Google marketing industries. We are senior marketing experts with the skills to create revenue-producing marketing funnels. In this age of big data, there is no better way to earn instant visibility with your audience than to have a REAL team of skilled pros on your side.

Is your marketing funnel maximizing revenue and conversions? Learn the single biggest mistake companies make in their marketing funnel and how to fix it.

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In 2017, we helped 362 dogs. In 2018 we helped…


abused and/or homeless dogs through the SOI dog foundation.

About Us

What sets us apart from other marketing agencies is our team of A-players. Each team member has proven themselves to be in the top 1% of all marketers. They are the 1 percenters who are passionate about what they do and have proven experience to back up their incredible skill sets.
Led by Michael Volkin, who has built and sold 4 companies himself and written 5 books (one best-seller), the team at 800lb Marketing specializes in user acquisition, lead generation, and brand visibility.

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“The team at 800lb Marketing truly love what they do. They are fast, accurate and responsive.”

Jolyn De Boer, Executive Director, Tennis Industry Association

“For the same price of hiring one person in-house, I am a getting a team of senior marketers that constantly innovate and explore revenue opportunities. I highly recommend the team at 800lb Marketing.”

Aeneas Janze, Founder, Epic Wipes

“The team at 800lb Marketing is responsive, professional and great at what they do.”

Eric Theis, Founder, 911 Foster Pets

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